Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My trial in Standard Based Grading

I have jumped into the deep end with Standard Based Grading. I was am new to this. It has been about 4 weeks and here are my thoughts:
1. You and your students need to be organized (big mess for middle school students)
2. Students struggle to grasp the concept of SBG until we start taking quizzes
3. I don't know how to make this easy and quick for grading and record keeping (so far, I have printed out a chart with student's names and skill numbers, separate of my grade book. Then I will put one grade in for the chapter)
4. My students have not taken advantage of learning on their own. Although we have discussed, introduced, and practiced all the skills in class, they refuse to take an extra step outside of class after taking the quiz.
5. I am not sure how I want to work retakes. So far, I have made new quizzes for retakes. This, my friend, is a lot of work.
6. Quizstar (do a search for it) can be a useful tool though can be difficult for math. You can use html for the questions (meaning you can write fractions and exponents) but not for answers if you choose to use multiple choice (which I did for some because the site grades them for you! I just always add a "none of the above" answer for each one).
7. Only two students asked for time outside of class. This makes me sad.

Feel free to give your advice.

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