Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Much of school, learning, and life we depend on our listening skills, but do we ever teach the skill? From birth we read to our children, we play music for them, and we ask them to listen to adults, but when do we teach them the skill of listening? Sean Layne talks about how we need to teach the skill of concentration and he has a great method of doing so. His method breaks it down to a simple game, that only uses concentration. How can we do this with listening? How can we show students what it is to listen?

I know that people still play the game telephone and that students can repeat things back to the teacher to "prove" they were listening, but I do not believe that is teaching or proving they are listening. A quick search on yahoo did not pull up much about teaching the skill. And the articles that were there were talking about reading or ESL. This confines listening to just language.

How can we teach listening? This is the question I want to tackle.

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